Sunday, June 21, 2009

the truth!

an event in the past week was quite a bit of a revolution in my life!yeah coz of tht..i myt flunk my graphics exam big time.. :P

Before starting the whole drama..lemme start with the characters of my revolutionary play..:D..
2 characters make up the play..1st One..lets call him mr x..:D,one among my best frnds..
but happens to be in an alternate dept of my colg...and the 2nd one happens to be a gal ..lets name her y.
this x, one of my best friends, happens to be in the computer science dept of my college and y in my class!yeah . . ..she sits in the 4th bench 3rd column. ;)the way our classrooms are arranged is like .. .3 columns ..and each column consists of 6 benches ...ermm or is it 7?aaah who cares!:|
x and y happen to be the best of so called " best friends" in our college and so . .. obviously rumours about them spread like wildfire!people edit sardar jokes to their name and enjoy sending them!maybe .. .this xy series is one among the most popular circulated mssg series' in my college.Ok ok, enough of this boring stuff now lemme pass on to the incident.

Ahem Ahem..Let the Drama begin

One Pleasant morning,i received a text on my mobile.. quote"A close friend is like a bra . ..close to your heart and blah blah "
5 more words i added...and tht made an entire new era..:D
the words being .P.s- x is y''s best friend! it?
I simply forwarded my new hilarious creation to a few of my frnds including x himself!
Compliments came running..Within hours i became the latest sensation in texting:D
it wasnt too late i suppose . ..about 4 pm or something that i received a text from y!
a kinda desp mssg .. .dont trust your friend more than , .. somethin like that .. .some "fucking bullshit" if you ask me! n i did reply to that txt.

m- Hey, sup der? prepared 4 2m's exam?
y- no, not really.not in a gud mood da.kinda desp.some people .. i thot they had a little std .. .but afteral boys r boys!
m- what?din get anythin! what dya mean?make it more clear ,. .u kinda desp or what?

and that series ended a little awkward way.Fairly and Slowly .. my brain started workin! :D
yeah.i called x up.

m- dude . ..what der?
x- nothin da. .studyin 4 2m's exam!
m- k .. so . .study well da.. and da. . y s a kinda desp!erm .any probs?
x- dunno da. .mayb coz of 2m's exam.
m- aaah maybe ..and da. .did u send that mssg to her?i mean. .that morn 4wd mssg?
x- yeah da. .i did ..its fun na? haha .y?
m- *(#^!- . .so that mite b the reason . .reason y she s sendin these kinda desp 4wds!
and after a series of f words n all i finally hung up.

Just 1 hr remains in tht eventful day!.Out of nower .. my mob phone started ringing!'y calling'.fish! what should i do .. .should i answer!?
damn.dunno what to do.better not to attend it.or else why shouldnt i?i din murder anybody.i'll..Taking the final breath of confidence into my heart..i Pickd up the Fone!:|

“Hello ?” answered a vaguely familiar feminine shrill from the other end ..soundin a bit serious than usual.
"yeah?" i replied!..da . .."y do u do such sorta things .. i mean. .those kinda txts and all . ..what did i do da?this may even affect my future "blah blah . . ...and her voice began to fade .. ! :|"Future ..what .. .is she jokin?or serious?Common!..i just giggled supposing that to be a joke"..But Suddenly..To my Surprise.She broke down in tears.. damn!..that wasnt a joke afterall! :|i tried my level best to console her . ..dunno what all i spoke then . ..and somehow the conversation ended by around 11 45.:| whats so much der to worry on that?aaah.maybe all gals mite be like this .. thoughts of these kinds kept flashin in my mind to which i tried to frame up my own answers! :)

The following day.. i woke up around 6 am , was ttly outta mood .. and went to my graphics university exam in this shit mood.saw the qn fkin stoned.attempted just for 50 marks.left the hall.yeah .. .no doubt. .i'll flunk 4 sure.

so short .. who was responsible 4 all this crap n shit; includin my blank graphics sheet. is it me?no way . ..its him ..that assole X! :|

P.s- the author hopes that somehow his parents would read this post and understand the reason behind his graphics failure!now lets just wait and watch! :)