Friday, April 2, 2010

a conversation!

kinda getting tired of the messed up life god gave me.not blaming god.actually it was me who decided how my life should go on.and so its my fault!yeah i'm talking about my present status of life. btech life!

assignments and vivas seem to be the most common things that happen in my life nowadays.lab vivas are tiresome.circuits lab2 vivas!if what michael told me is correct, they are conducted on weekly basis inorder to award us our internal evalution marks for the lab exam.and 7 vivas have been completed including the one conducted today. 7 vivas = 7*5 = 35 marks!0, 0, 0, 0.5, 1.5, 1, 0 are my scores for them respectively. \m/

ok ok.might have thought that i'm a guy without a brain.if so mind it -i do have a small brain.a not bad one it seems.atleast i hope so .. lol.these marks depend a lot on the teacher who conduct it, it seems!ok.i'll post here the viva/conversation i had with the teacher today in our circuits lab ..

lecturer called out my roll no.and i walked towards his table, somewhere in that lab slowly, rough record in hand.
" Good morning sir " i remarked flashing a small yet beautiful smile onto his face.
Take your seat was the response without even bothering to look who the guy was.a quite unpleasant start it seemed!
sir - bootstrap generator alle cheythe? ( you did bootstrap generator today right? )
me - alla sir. innu monostable aanu cheythe ( no sir. did monostbale today)
sir - ok ok.output okke kittiyo? ( ok ok.did you get the output? )
me - kitti sir ( got it sir )
sir - appo athinte working okke ariyaayirikkum alle? ( so you might know its working right? )
me - ariyaam sir ( i know )
sir - venda.enna athu parayanda!vere question taraam ( hold on.i'll give you another question then! )
me - huh? :|
sir - * pointing at the circuit diagram on my rough record* if we use a 5 microfarad capacitor in the place of this diode and a 10 microfarad capacitor in the place of that diode what will happen to the circuit?
me - we'll get another waveform!
sir - huh.ok. so u dont know that it seems so we'll move on to another question.
* showing me a ceiling fan there * which capacitor is used inside that?
me - * confused yet confidently *, tadiyan capacitor ( a fat capacitor )
sir - i asked you the value
me - dont know.
sir - ooook. we'll move on to the 3rd one..
evideya tamasikunne? ( where do you stay? )
me - trivandrum. sir nte veedu evideya? ( what about you sir? )
sir - trivandrum
sir - ok ok.class okke engane pokunnu? padipikunathu okke manasilaakunundennu prateekshikunnu ( how about the classes.hope you understand whatever is being taught in class )
me - kuzhappamillathe okke ( kinda )
sir - ok ok.ini poyikollu ( ok ok. you may go now )

my viva ended up then, me answering correctly 2 out of the 4 questions( place of residence and class! ) confidently i walked towards my table where i met my friends.
friends - " aliyaa ..engane undayirunnu? " ( aliyaa how was it? )
me - kinda ok. answered 2 on 4! b-)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

college politricks!

" politics is now considered to be a bad game by most people" i heard my sister read out this sentence loudly from some textbook she has to study in her 10th std.maybe she increased her volume a little in this part to bring that to my notice; just because i'm a little into the so called college politics!

"politics is now considered to be a bad game by most people". now keeping the 8085 microprocessor book i had in hand aside i began to think over this sentence. who created this sentence? why did he do so? what made him think so? a lot of such questions that maybe each of you might have thought of before! and are you people satisfied completely with the answers that your brain/heart gave you? ooh ok .even if you are i dont care because i'm not!

college politics has turned out to be a trend among the students.take an example of some class and you see that about 55% of the students back students federation of india a.k.a Sfi, 30% kerala students union a.k.a Ksu while the remaining 15% hold a varied political view. almost more than 75% of each class is into this so called college politics! in certain colleges even teachers are much into politics! not my college its seen that this politics thingy is much popular in government engineering colleges, arts colleges, science colleges etc.the so called private colleges' manegement suppress the growth of political parties, students unions etc because they know that it maynot do them good in future!

college life has moved on and first day at college was like everyone elses'.was fun.hardly 5 days since the start of the classes some 5 to 6 people came to my class which i later understood to be sfi people who gave us a syllabus book with sfi printed on its cover! they spoke to us about the things they have done in all colleges including our college and asked people who are interested to join them in their social activities.maybe more than half of the students in my class were moved by their speech or what (yeah their speech was impressive, i have to agree that)..i saw more than 33 in my class hold hands with them!soon strikes took over.maybe students prefer sfi over ksu because of this.hehe.maybe.because strikes by ksu are almost negilible compared to those by the communists!

the cochin university of science and technology's academic council member elections are to be held on the coming january 6th and as a part of the campaigning ermm ...or rather convincing the candidates came to my college.the communist spoke first.he talked about the concerns regarding the special supplies and so on.everyone listened.rather pretended.soon the congressman's turn came.the communists in my class, without caring the teacher standing in walked out! the candidate was least affected by that.he spoke well ...pretty better than the communist!from his speech we unserstood that these parties, as in the winning party is alloted a sum of rupees 10 lakhs by the govt for their activities and all.oh my god.thats a huge sum.what are they doing with it?noone knows except the people who gain from that. :P and after the plead both left our its all in our hands.the students' hands!rajeev v.j is the for him \m/ ! whoever wins ...let it do me (see how selfish i'm :P hehe)... ermm us gud!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

the truth!

an event in the past week was quite a bit of a revolution in my life!yeah coz of tht..i myt flunk my graphics exam big time.. :P

Before starting the whole drama..lemme start with the characters of my revolutionary play..:D..
2 characters make up the play..1st One..lets call him mr x..:D,one among my best frnds..
but happens to be in an alternate dept of my colg...and the 2nd one happens to be a gal ..lets name her y.
this x, one of my best friends, happens to be in the computer science dept of my college and y in my class!yeah . . ..she sits in the 4th bench 3rd column. ;)the way our classrooms are arranged is like .. .3 columns ..and each column consists of 6 benches ...ermm or is it 7?aaah who cares!:|
x and y happen to be the best of so called " best friends" in our college and so . .. obviously rumours about them spread like wildfire!people edit sardar jokes to their name and enjoy sending them!maybe .. .this xy series is one among the most popular circulated mssg series' in my college.Ok ok, enough of this boring stuff now lemme pass on to the incident.

Ahem Ahem..Let the Drama begin

One Pleasant morning,i received a text on my mobile.. quote"A close friend is like a bra . ..close to your heart and blah blah "
5 more words i added...and tht made an entire new era..:D
the words being .P.s- x is y''s best friend! it?
I simply forwarded my new hilarious creation to a few of my frnds including x himself!
Compliments came running..Within hours i became the latest sensation in texting:D
it wasnt too late i suppose . ..about 4 pm or something that i received a text from y!
a kinda desp mssg .. .dont trust your friend more than , .. somethin like that .. .some "fucking bullshit" if you ask me! n i did reply to that txt.

m- Hey, sup der? prepared 4 2m's exam?
y- no, not really.not in a gud mood da.kinda desp.some people .. i thot they had a little std .. .but afteral boys r boys!
m- what?din get anythin! what dya mean?make it more clear ,. .u kinda desp or what?

and that series ended a little awkward way.Fairly and Slowly .. my brain started workin! :D
yeah.i called x up.

m- dude . ..what der?
x- nothin da. .studyin 4 2m's exam!
m- k .. so . .study well da.. and da. . y s a kinda desp!erm .any probs?
x- dunno da. .mayb coz of 2m's exam.
m- aaah maybe ..and da. .did u send that mssg to her?i mean. .that morn 4wd mssg?
x- yeah da. .i did ..its fun na? haha .y?
m- *(#^!- . .so that mite b the reason . .reason y she s sendin these kinda desp 4wds!
and after a series of f words n all i finally hung up.

Just 1 hr remains in tht eventful day!.Out of nower .. my mob phone started ringing!'y calling'.fish! what should i do .. .should i answer!?
damn.dunno what to do.better not to attend it.or else why shouldnt i?i din murder anybody.i'll..Taking the final breath of confidence into my heart..i Pickd up the Fone!:|

“Hello ?” answered a vaguely familiar feminine shrill from the other end ..soundin a bit serious than usual.
"yeah?" i replied!..da . .."y do u do such sorta things .. i mean. .those kinda txts and all . ..what did i do da?this may even affect my future "blah blah . . ...and her voice began to fade .. ! :|"Future ..what .. .is she jokin?or serious?Common!..i just giggled supposing that to be a joke"..But Suddenly..To my Surprise.She broke down in tears.. damn!..that wasnt a joke afterall! :|i tried my level best to console her . ..dunno what all i spoke then . ..and somehow the conversation ended by around 11 45.:| whats so much der to worry on that?aaah.maybe all gals mite be like this .. thoughts of these kinds kept flashin in my mind to which i tried to frame up my own answers! :)

The following day.. i woke up around 6 am , was ttly outta mood .. and went to my graphics university exam in this shit mood.saw the qn fkin stoned.attempted just for 50 marks.left the hall.yeah .. .no doubt. .i'll flunk 4 sure.

so short .. who was responsible 4 all this crap n shit; includin my blank graphics sheet. is it me?no way . ..its him ..that assole X! :|

P.s- the author hopes that somehow his parents would read this post and understand the reason behind his graphics failure!now lets just wait and watch! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

woo - hoo!

woo hooo. ...! got an opportunity to meet India’s first ever candidate for UN secretary-general, present MP, trivandrum; shashi thaoor today. was interesting to see the great man in person, i mean .. .in this distance .. .say a 10 feet distance! hehe. :P

great man . ... .an accomplished individual, he is! :)

and like everyone .. . me too . ...strongly do i beleive that trivandrum can benefit hugely with a man of Tharoor’s caliber and talent! :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009


i didnt feel like giving a name to this post…. today i happen to be in one of my off moods. nothing new there though, but a realisation… ……. thunder striking realisation that i may fail to secure a pass mark in my graphics university examination which is to be held on the coming 15th, monday.damn!tomo.:| and to think upon this -sad, really sad indeed!:|

graphics sucks.obsolete thinking (imagine a right circular cone resting on its apex with its base inclined at 45 degrees to the vp and blah blah) :| is turning out to be my worst nightmare!throw this graphics out from the 1st year engineering subjects .. ..atleast for electronics students.what do they have to do about this inclined cone and topless pyramids!:P
i dont want this. i dont need this!
i badly want someone to share a few things and do with a few advices too… , someone who has the power to retransform me completely over a 5 minute talk or something , to be more precise
a girlfriend! :P *coughing*
leavin now, need to study something!

will blog more. ..soon. ..after the exams.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


" that my damned series is over, time is on my side.:)that means . ...i'm more into orkutting, t20ing, movie watching and more" i thought.

:|but then . ..after the long goddamn series I'm almost like, like half-paralyzed coz the university examz are gonna start on june 2nd! yeah.june 2nd.damn!fcuk.what not! :|

now this is very painful. ..or rather annoying .ermm .. hmm mm . aargh!..i badly wanna post something, something gud here but then . ... u noe .. half paralyzed mind is not letting me. :| a lotta thoughts(question papers.answer movies .. ..yeah . ..thats the present status of my mind!) seems to be revolving in my mind and i dont seem to have an answer for any of them!damn.

so in short . ..examz will start soon and so i'll post as soon as they get over.wish me gud luck!

Friday, May 15, 2009


.. .. now this incident happened to me, or rather us, during our 11th std excursion.bangalore.
k ok. ..not boring u ppl wit a long and torturous exposition of my trip to b’lore!

we were left for shoppin n stuff in the brigader, along with 2 of my friends namely arjun and sidharth kept walking up n down the road.after we walked for the good part of half an hour, we finally
found our way out of the so called brigader road.the exit we took was nowhere near a nike showroom, and to our surprise found this room thickly packed with the “blore classic” (ahem ahem) chic(k)s! ;)so
… . without wasting a moment …. ..we decided to move in! lol.
this showroom was freaking huge!we moved here n there staring at the t-shirts, basketballs, shoes’
and what not.3 gals were around a corner and we found them the perfect match 4 us!
so we decided to move on.we went near them and not to our surprise, found that they were purchasing bras for them!3 free size bras were taken and we noticed them payin the bill.a fresh 1000 rupee note.and the cashier returned them a shining spankin 1 rupee coin! damn. …so 999 for 3 bras …that means 333 per piece!!damn!fcuk.:| we were stunned! lol.

now the showroom keeper might have noticed something strange in our behaviour or something ..i
dont know .. .he came up to us!
keeper - “so . …u guys know this is a ladies showroom rite? ”
arjun - “WHATt?!”
me - “ermm m . .adajsd . …ghfdsgv .. .ofcorz!we came here to take a tshirt for his(pointing @ sid)
sid -”man!i din know that!”
arjun- “idiot!”
me - :|
sid - “k . . ..acting rite? done!”

stunned .. .pissed. . ..fcuked up .. .n wat not . . …we din know what to do!finally in order to escape
from his blitzkrieg had to purchase a cap(a nike cap) from there.presented it to my sister!

and when we narrated this incident to our friends they were like … .like rolling on the floor laughing
their fcuking asses off. Fcuk, it was . . .. so so SO embarrassing!