Saturday, June 13, 2009


i didnt feel like giving a name to this post…. today i happen to be in one of my off moods. nothing new there though, but a realisation… ……. thunder striking realisation that i may fail to secure a pass mark in my graphics university examination which is to be held on the coming 15th, monday.damn!tomo.:| and to think upon this -sad, really sad indeed!:|

graphics sucks.obsolete thinking (imagine a right circular cone resting on its apex with its base inclined at 45 degrees to the vp and blah blah) :| is turning out to be my worst nightmare!throw this graphics out from the 1st year engineering subjects .. ..atleast for electronics students.what do they have to do about this inclined cone and topless pyramids!:P
i dont want this. i dont need this!
i badly want someone to share a few things and do with a few advices too… , someone who has the power to retransform me completely over a 5 minute talk or something , to be more precise
a girlfriend! :P *coughing*
leavin now, need to study something!

will blog more. ..soon. ..after the exams.